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Built by JH Barrow, Zenith opened for business in 1951. He established a tradition of providing custom, quality workmanship and excellent customer service. This tradition is continued today by his son and daughter-in-law, Jim and Gayla Barrow.

Introduced to the industry in 1913, JH worked as a drycleaner’s apprentice in Dallas. There he learned the “art” of fine drycleaning, which also included fabric dyeing and fur cleaning. As his career progressed, JH became the manager of the Laundry Department at the College of Industrial Arts (now Texas Woman’s University) in Denton. He maintained that position for 17 years.

In 1930, JH Barrow built and opened Vogue Cleaners and Dyers in Denton at 721 North Locust Street. The following 20 years he operated a thriving business where everyone took their best clothes and their worst stains. He even offered a "car-hop" service on Friday and Saturday nights, staying open until nine and ten o'clock. During World War II, in a special effort to please he customers, he would dye ladies stockings to match their skin tone because availability was scarce and color selections were poor.

Desiring to spend more time with his family, JH Barrow sold Vogue Cleaners and Dyers, and in 1951 built Zenith Dry Cleaners at is present location, 511 Fort Worth Drive. At the time this was considered the outskirts of Denton. This location was to serve the commuters who traveled to and from the Dallas/Fort Worth area daily. Needless to say, Denton’s boundaries have grown well past Zenith today.

Contact Information
511 Fort Worth Drive | Denton, TX 76201 | 940-387-2317

Business Hours
M - F, 6:00am - 6:30pm | Sat, 8:00am - 4:00pm | Sun, Closed